Training Documents

Training documents provided by VIRI:

1. A checklist to select companies that could qualify for WFTO Membership: Download

2. Guide to Fair Trade Labels: Download

3. Monitoring fee 2014: Download

4. Presentation comparison of Fair Trade labels: Download

5. Tools for the Guarantee System – Membership Profile: Download

6. The WFTO Standard related to the principles and SAR: Download

7. Tools for the Guarantee System – Guidelines for Peer visits: Download

8. Tools for the Guarantee System – Audit protocol: Download

9. WFTO Monitoring audit report: Download

10. WFTO Supplier Verification visit report: Download

11. WFTO Guarantee System Code of Conduct for auditors and peers: Download

12. User Manual for trainers: Download

13. WFTO Membership: Download

14. WFTO Presentation of the Guarantee System: Download

15. Working with the Components of the WFTO Guarantee System: Download

16. Report of fair trade in Vietnam : Download