Project title: Promoting fair trade in Viet Nam

Project grand total: 504,288 Euro

Funded by the EU: 428,644 Euro (85%)

Location: nationwide

Duration: 35 months, starting from 16/06/2014

Lead implementing body: Viet Nam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute (VIRI)

Co-partners: Viet Nam Tea Association (Vitas)

Viet Nam coffee and Cocoa Association (Vicofa)

Viet Nam handicraft exporters Association (Vietcraft)

General Objective: “To develop and enhance capacity of Fair Trade businesses in Viet Nam to comply with European market access requirements”

 Specific objectives:

  • To assess the potental of fair trade business in Viet Nam
  • To raise awareness and promote fair trade business in Viet Nam
  • To build capacity for fair trade SMEs in Viet Nam to comply with European market access requirements
  • To develop market linkages between fair trade companies in Viet Nam and fair trade buyers in the Europe as well as to develop local fair trade channels
  • To develop trade policy for fair trade in Viet Nam.


  • SMEs specialising in 5 sectors: tea, coffee, cocoa, spicies and handicraft
  • Producers in 5 aforementioned sectors
  • Research Institute and Vietnamese policy makers

Expected Outputs:

  • A potential assessment report of fair trade business in tea, coffee, cocoa, spicy and handicraft sectors in Viet Nam for the European and Vietnamese markets is prepared
  • SMEs/producers, research institutions, policy-makers and consumers in Viet Nam understand the requirements for responsible production and consumption of the fair trade business
  • 300 SMEs/producers in the sector of tea, coffee, cocoa, spices and handicrafts trained practically on different issues of fair trade
  • 10 new companies are certified as fair trade
  • New market linkages between 15 Vietnamese fair trade companies and EU fair trade buyersand the local market for fair trade products, established in 3 big cities in Viet Nam
  • Trade policy on fair trade issued to facilitate market access for Vietnamese fair trade products

Main activities :

  • Evaluate the potentials and current situtation of Fair Trade in 5 selected sectors in Viet Nam
  • Establish a Fair Trade trainers network consisting of members of implementing partners
  • Organise trainings for enterprises on appropriate Fair Trade labels and its compliance criteria
  • Develop booklet, guidelines and manual to guide enterprises on the labelling process
  • Select enterprises to be supported by the project
  • Support selected enterprises to be labeled and promote trade in Vietnam and Europe
  • Establish a policy network and organise policy forums to promote Fair Trade in Viet Nam