International Conference Promoting fair trade in Vietnam

In the framework of the project “Promoting fair trade in Vietnam” funded by the European Union, the Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute in collaboration with Vietnam Tea Association, Vietnam Coffee and Cocoa Association, Vietnam Handicraft Exporters Association organized an international conference “Promoting trade fair in Vietnam”.


In the context of Vietnam’s large agricultural and handicrafts production, though the farmers’ production and trade still meet with difficulties due to low capability, limit in market access, inability to get satisfactory quality certification and production processes standard, and price instability. Fair trade will help to improve and further develop business opportunities for the manufacturers in mountainous and rural areas of Vietnam, joining and expanding international market, and establish a responsible production and consumption model. The potential for fair trade certification in the tea, coffee, cocoa, spices, and handicraft sector is still large. However, to exploit the full potential and develop fair trade, we need to joint hands in the community from both from producers, consumers, traders, policy makers … to develop production and ensure the rights of farmers, towards a fairer agriculture.

The international conference “Promoting fair trade in Vietnam” focuses on three major issues (1) The current situation and the potential of fair trade certification in 5 product categories of tea, coffee, cocoa, spices and handicrafts in Vietnam; (2) Propose policies and action programs aimed at fair trade development in the five sectors; (3) The certificate of international fair trade for agricultural and handicraft products of Vietnam (FLO and WFTO). The conference brings together ideas exchange between international experts on trade fair and representatives of associations, businesses, regulators and researchers to come up with concrete and practical direction for Vietnam business community in general, and firms in five sectors of tea, coffee, cocoa, spices and handicrafts in particular in the development of fair trade