Good news from Bobi Craft

Bobi Craft is one of the first two businesses becoming members of World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) with the support of “Promoting fair trade in Vietnam” project.

In the start, the business chose the slogan “The Art of Big Dream” with the meaning: Anyone has dream, even people with disabilities, homeless children, children with difficult livelihoods, housewives with many children, etc. Bobi Craft wants to provide handicraft makers with the opportunities to transform handicrafts into arts. Bobi Craft artisans are not simply factory worker but are true “artists” with the love for all of their creation…

Beside trading activities, Bobi Craft is always aware of the business’s responsibility to society and community. “Since its establishment, Bobi Craft aims to create more employment especially for people with difficult livelihoods. Bobi Craft often organizes volunteer call for supporting the disadvantaged with the aim to light up dreams and hopes for a new and better futures for children.

Bobi Craft also realizes the importance and benefits of Bobi Craft products meeting international recognized certification. As such, Bobi Craft participated in “Promoting fair trade in Vietnam” project and register for fair trade certification. The project has enthusiastically supported the business in consultation for the registration as well as technical support. With the business’ own efforts, Bobi Craft became a member of WFTO. The project would like to send best regards to the business.

This is a very encouraging news not only for the project but also a motivation for other businesses to work harder and achieve similar results as Bobi Craft.