Final Project Assessment Trip

During the period from May 10-12, 2017, the Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam visited and evaluated the implementation of the Project “Promoting Fair Trade in Vietnam”  at three cooperatives in Dak Lak province. Participating the assessment team, to the European Union Delegation in Vietnam: Mr. Antonio Recca – Head of Finance, Contracts and Auditing; Ms Colette Odriscoll – Project Manager; Ms. Phan Thanh Tam – Finance Officer, who are representatives of the European Union Delegation to Vietnam; Mr Tran Ban Hung – Consultant expert of Fairtrade Labelling Organization; To the  Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute, Ms To Hai Yen – Project staff.

Assessment team has visited and worked with three cooperatives which are receiving support from the Project: (1) Thang Tien Producing Agricultural Service Cooperative at village 7, Hoa An commune, Krong Pak district; (2) Ea Tu Fair Services and Agricultural Co-operative at Ko Tam village, Ea Tu commune; (3) Eakiet Fair Agricultural Services Cooperative at Eakiet village, Cu M’gar. Here are three cooperatives were supported by Project, in which Ea Tu cooperatives is one of the first two cooperatives certified Fairtrade of FLO, Thang Tien cooperative is the first fair trade certification for pepper product. And Eakiet cooperative is one of the first cooperatives in Vietnam certified fair trade which has been supporting market development by project.

Discussing with assessment team, the beneficiaries are very excited to be involved in the Project as well as realize the benefits that the Project has brought for the cooperatives: the fair trade international certification for coffee green bean products and pepper of cooperatives, training in agricultural techniques in accordance with fair trade criteria,  developing the product chain to enhance the value for fair trade products (coffee roaster, cocoa powder, chocolate …), designing the packaging for the product, promoting for the products of cooperative… At the same time, the cooperatives expressed their gratitude to the the Delegation of the European Union and thanked the Project for their support during the past time.

The assessment team noted the initial success of the three cooperatives when participate in the Project as well as the project in supporting the fair trade certification registration for cooperatives, and highly appreciated the results of the project. In the next time, the Project will continue support cooperative event when project closed.