Today (12/05), in Hanoi, Vietnam Rural Industries Research and Development Institute in collaboration with Vietnam Tea Association, Vietnam Cocoa – Coffee Association, and Vietnam Handicraft Exporters’ Association organised a dialogue session on “Promoting fair trade in Vietnam”.

EUD MARD MOIT WFTO and WFTO companiesThe dialogue session focus on these main contents: roles of fair trade development and fair trade market, proposals for policy change in developing fair trade in Vietnam, brand building and value improvement for agricultural products with fair trade orientation…The dialogue session has the participation from the representative of the European Union delegation in Vietnam, delegates from Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, trade promotion centres, universities, Fairtrade Labelling Organisations, and Word Fair Trade Organisation,,,

9Fair trade is a global certification and all businesses wanting to meet the certification must be able to meet all criteria of FLO. Currently, there are about 1.5 million labours and 1,200 producers in 74 countries participating in the fair trade movement.

8Fair trade is understood as the collaboration on the dialogue platform, transparent and respectful, with orientation in world trade balance. With the aim to build and develop global trade system with equality rules in production and trade activities, fair trade contributes to the sustainable development by establishing fairer trade conditions and guaranteeing rights of producers and labours with difficult backgrounds.

For example, for producers, fair trade helps them achieve a fair and stable price for their products, with welfare funds to re-invest in the community. For traders, fair trade helps them be recognisable, meeting the market demands. For consumers, fair trade products will guarantee them good quality products with clear origin…

Quỳnh Nga – Lan An