Congratulations to Ha Linh Company

Ha Linh Bamboo & Rattan Ltd. was established in 1995 as a family business. With the philosophy “Practice customer focus culture”, Ha Linh Ltd. has continued to develop and become a credible leading handicraft producer and exporter in Vietnam.

25km from Hanoi, the factory of Ha Linh Ltd. has an area of 15000m2 in Phú Nghĩa industrial compound, Chương Mỹ, Hà Tây with two large area of 3000m2, 1 office space of 400m2 and a sample room of 200m2

The company main products are household products, kitchen utensils, bathroom products, etc. such as trays, boxes, plates, bowls, vases, etc. made with natural materials of bamboo, rattan, sea grass, etc.

The operational motto of Ha Linh Ltd. is to diversify the products, creating difference in their products. Each month, the company tries to create new designs based on domestic and international demands together with long term experience. Ha Linh has policies to discount for customers’ own designs and can keep copyrights for customers’ requested designs if needed.

Ha Linh products are exported to EU, Asia, Australia and South Africa. Understanding fair trade and the necessary of fair trade certification, Ha Linh Ltd. has actively participated in fair trade activities of the project from the start. With the support from project staffs as well as Ha Linh leaders, the project would like to congratulate the company for becoming a temporary member of World Fair Trade Organization WFTO. We hope this initial success will be a force to pull the company forward in further adventure in the coming time.