Congratulation to Eakar Cooperative for Fair trade cocoa bean

To obtain the present achievements, Eakar agriculture – production procurement – processing and consumption cocoa cooperative went through a process of striving ceaselessly. From the agriculture specialist, with the wish to increase cocoa growing farmers’ livelihood; Mr Thai Xuan Quang returned to his hometown to form the cocoa growing group. Afterwards, the group developed into a cooperative group growing cocoa. In 2012, Mr Thai Xuan Quang and the executive board formed the cooperative group to produce, collect and process cocoa at Eakar district. The members increase from 93 to 250 households The cooperative aims at increasing added value for the agricultural product, reducing poverty, increasing members’ income especially for ethnic minority group. Eakar cooperative operates under a sustainability model that is effective and economic without any negative affect to the environment, in accordance with Fairtrade´s criteria.

With knowledge about the benefits, sustainable and ethical  of Fairtrade, Eakar cooperatives is one of the enthusiasm cooperative participating in the project “Promoting fair trade in Vietnam” from the beginning and receiving supports from the project on capacity building, communication to Fairtrade and marketing activities.

With the effort of the cooperative and partly support from the project, Eakar becomes the first cooperative have Fairtrade certification for cocoa product in Vietnam and Southeast Asia at first quarter of 2017. In parallel, Eakar Cooperative was honored for quality products and good harvest enterprise development accompanies the movement of building new rural areas in 2016, marked a turning point in the success of cooperatives in the past year